Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Job!

Yesterday was the first day training for my new job. It went really well and I felt really good about it. My last two teaching jobs, the assistantship and the week-long stage, I was left to plan my own classes with little to no guidance. This place is different. They have a teaching system already set up that focusing on learning through speaking. They also have their own materials and regular training so that you aren't just thrown into classes not knowing what you're doing. I'm happy that I'll finally have some guidelines and some structure to the classes. Some people might not like that, but for me it's easier and it lets me know what I need to do. I'll be regularly observed as well, but it's not to reprimand me but to correct what I'm doing wrong.

Apparently I'll have a lot of hours as well, as soon as I get a car. I've been browsing a lot of different websites and asking people I know to help me find a car. So far I've only seen one car and it wasn't great so that was a big no. This is definitely going to be a big headache. I'll start getting hours in about 2 weeks (as long as i'll have a car) so I need to get moving. I'm still kind of nervous about driving here in France because of the crazy roads and signs and I've still never driven alone. I better get used to it soon. I won't have a choice.

I think I'm going to like this job. And the best part? No more children!!


Ksam said...

Glad to hear the first day went well! And good luck car shopping. Have you made any decisions re: getting a French license yet?

Katie said...

well, when i went home I bought an international license. I'm hoping that will be sufficent enough to get the carte grise and the insurance. If not, I guess i'll have to trade it in for the french one. I'm a connecticut resident so I'm pretty sure that I can trade it without any problems.

Ksam said...

I would definitely do everything in my power to get a French license. The international license isn't actually at license - it's just a translation of your current license, which is no longer valid in France (it's only valid the first 12 months).

You will get your carte grise & your insurance no problem (because foreigners can drive here too), but the problem is, if you ever get into an accident, your insurance is not likely to cover you because you were driving on an invalid license.

Also, you are only allowed to exchange within your first 12 months in France - since you were on an assistant visa before and are now on your first vie privée cds (right??), you *should* still be able to exchange. But if you don't start the process 3 months before your first vie privée cds is up, you will no longer be able to exchange and you'll have to repass the French written & drivers exam from scratch. So it's def something to keep in mind!

Katie said...

Actually, I know that you have to do it within the first year that you live here. It's been 2 for me. Am I screwed?

Leesa said...

Hey Katie,

Thanks great! Glad it went well... That's a great sign for a good year ahead!!

Sam gave great advice about the driving... I know that's right about being here for the first year in France and not being covered by insurance in case of an accident... I would DEFINITELY look into the "echange" asap... that would be great.. I only wish that California participated in the exchange, it would have made my life easier.. I don't drive here... it's a HUGE added and unneeded expense for me at this point b/c public transport is so great in our region... So, I don't really need or want a car... but in your case, definitely look into it...
Good luck!!

Katie said...

Hey Leesa,
Yes thanks for the advice. I wish that I didn't have to get a car but I guess I don't have a choice. At least you're in an area where you don't need one. I'm going to be paying sooo much money which i'm hardly thrilled about. oh well. gotta do what you gotta do right?