Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well, I guess that car was too good to be true. The people selling it called me the next day to tell me that their mother changed her mind and didn't want to sell it anymore. We were really upset because it was such a great car but I guess they are going to sell it more expensive which makes sense. But its ok, there are other options in view at the moment. Of course these cars have more mileage and more wear and tear on them but I guess I can't be expecting too much for the budget that I have.

In good news however, I was able to exchange my driver's license! I went to the prefecture yesterday and had all of the paper work ready and everything. The guy looked at the date of entry on my CDS and said it was ok. No questions asked! He then took my US DL and said it should be ready in a month. Yay! But I'm kinda upset. I really liked my US driver's license, it actually looks real and the French one looks fake! Now when I go back home I have to bring my passport with me everytime just to get a drink. I don't even want to know what will happen if I get pulled over by the cops and they ask to see my license. They'll laugh probably because they won't know what a french driver's license looks like. I guess it's sad as well because that was my last connection to the US. I mean I'm still a citizen and have my US passport and everything but it just emphasizes my permancy here, which is a good thing! But it's emotional in a way.

I'm a real frenchy now I guess :)


Leesa said...

GREAT news about the French driver's license, sorry about the car falling through, though!
Hey, the next time you go to the U.S., just get a replacement driver's license... Like you are replacing a lost one... I know you can drive in the U.S. with the French dl... but I'm sure it will be fine to get another US dl... right? Like, you can possess both... I don't think France will check back up on you to see that you got a replacement.. I mean, they wouldn't have any need to contact the DMV at all... Unless they make you sign something saying that you will NOT apply for another US dl while you have the French one... The French one is a lifetime, one, isn't it?
Take care and glad to hear the good news...

Katie said...

Hey Leesa, thanks so much! I heard that you couldn't just go back to the US and say that you lost your US one because apparently the DMV is contacted from Franee or something when you exchange the license. But I don't know if it's true or not. I guess it makes sense...
Take care!

Leesa said...

Hmmm... Depends where you heard it from and if it really happened when people have tried it!!!
I cannot imagine the France contacting the DMV but who knows... They probably do!! You can ALWAYS get another ID from your State at the DMV... I always get a California ID as well... You can use that as your first ID when you go back to the States instead of having to bring your passport with you when you go out to clubs or what not.. It's always good to have a local id on you!! Hope that helps!

Amber said...

I haven't changed mine yet.
Would you mind sharing some details about how to do this? I'm afraid they won't let me because i've currently got one from a state that's not on the list, but my original is from SC, which is on the list (and i've still got it, it's just expired).
I'd appreciate your advice!