Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Julia Child's "My Life in France"

So as most of you probably know, in the US there is a movie coming out called "Julie and Julia" which is based on Julia Child's infamous cook book "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." Before all of the hype about this new movie, I hadn't paid much attention to Julia Child nor her cooking. But, during my stay back home, I went into my local Border's store and just saw a whole table lined with books dedicated to Julia Child and the new film. Among the books that decorated the table was of course "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" but also the book, "My life in France." I didn't know that this book existed and was instantly fascinated by it. Being the 'frugal' girl that I am, I went home and ordered the book off for half the price. I received it in the mail the day I left to go back to France. This is what I've been reading ever since I came back to France.

I'm half way through and I love it. It talks about her life in Paris, attending the famous cooking school, the Cordon Bleu, and beginning her career as a cook. Now, I've fairly recently took an interest in cooking (the past two years) so this book just furthers my interest and makes me want to try new things. It also makes my stomach grumble with hunger everytime I read it. (Note: do not read this book on an empty stomach!)

One inspiration from this book was making one of the most well known French dishes, Canard à l'orange (duck with orange sauce). We had a French couple over for dinner and I decided to attempt it. It was fairly successful but I had slightly over cooked the duck (it's eatten almost rare in France).

Books about people's lives in France are among my favorite type of books to read. I love to compare their experiences to my own. Some of my other favorite books include: "Almost French", "A Year in the Merde", and "On Rue Tatin".

So to anyone who has a little free time at the moment, I highly suggest reading this book. It'll make you want to become a French chef when you're through with it!


Monique said...

I love that book so far! I've been reading it since July (usually I'm a fast reader, but work and grad school are killing me). But I absolutely love it!

If you like the French cooking self-discovery thing, try Trail of Crumbs by Kim Sunée!

Leesa said...

Hi Katie,

Glad you are enjoying the book!! I almost bought it when I was in the States... Maybe I'll check Just wondering... Should I just see the movie??? Take care, Leese

Katie said...

Monique - I'll look into that book! I'm definitely into french cooking self discovery lol.

Leesa - Yes you should buy it off! They have it! I haven't seen the movie but its not actually based on the book. It's about another woman's attempt to cook every Julia Child recipe in "Mastering the art of French cooking" but I heard it's a cute movie! I'll be going to see it when it comes out in France!

Katie said...
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au soleil levant said...

Mastering the Art of French Cooking is on the best-seller list in the US right now because of the movie. Who doesn't love Julia Child and her adorable accent?

If you haven't read Petite Anglaise yet, it's very good, can't wait for her novel to be released in the US.

Katie said...

yes it is! I'm thinking of asking for it for Christmas!

I've read Petite Anglaise as well. It's a really cute book. We can all relate to her story as a blogger lol