Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am in awe

I barely slept this past night because I was so nervous about the election results for the next morning. Even though Obama has been ahead in the polls for quite some time, I feared that the race factor would still determine the election. Thankfully it did not. Everyone got out there to vote this year for a just cause. We need change in their country and Americans have proved that we are ready.
This is honestly one of the few times in my life that I can actually say that I'm proud to be an American. Not only is this man going to change America for the better but he will change our poor reputation around the world. I am so happy that we have crossed this racial barrier and have elected someone that reflects the diversity of America.
I am overjoyed!


Leesa said...

I'm with you! The first time in 8 years, en fait!!!!!!! AMEN§

artbike said...

democracy is a S - L -O -W process. lets hope it works this time

Katie said...

I hope so too..