Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Attempt at Thanksgiving Dinner

I was unable to do a blow-out Thanksgiving dinner for Christophe and I because I was at a "stage" (assistantship workshop) all day long. I started the dinner at about 5pm which everyone knows is too late to even think about cooking a turkey, so chicken it was. I bought a whole one, ready to cook thankfully because I had no desire to pull out the giblets. The chicken took about 2 hours to cook so at the same time I prepared a walnut pie, which was supposed to be a pecan pie taken from Milk Jam's recipe. However, I could not find pecans at the french supermarket so I replaced them with walnuts.It came out yummy despit the change in recipe. And to top this dinner off, I opened up the can of cranberry sauce that mom sent from the US! Though it wasn't the same as Thanksgiving back home, it was still fun nonetheless. Christophe was able to experience his first Thanksgiving and I cooked my first Thanksgiving meal.


Leesa said...

Yay for you!! I know what you mean.. first Turkey Day meal... It was always my mom who did it up for all of us!!! Now, I've carried the tradition here to France.. We celebrated with a couple we know in town and their daughter.... It was DELISH.... This Sunday, I'm hosting a big Turkey Day even at a friend's house and it should be fun!!! I'll post pics...
Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!!


Milk Jam said...

yea!! i'm glad people try out my recipes :-) happy belated thanksgiving!