Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No internet

Thanks to Orange we have not had internet in our new aparment for about 3 weeks now. Can someone please explain to me why it is so hard to move a few wires to make internet work in a new apartment? They are telling us that at the end of the week we should have it back. HA! Mon oeil! Until then... byebye


Leesa said...

Hi there!

Can you believe that this is a common problem when people set up there internet and have stuff done... Oh fun!!!! Sorry you were cut off like that!! How rude!!!!

Lindsay Anne said...

Oh, Katie. Remember last year's internet debacle? You can't trust Orange. Good luck.

Katie said...

One week later and I'm still without internet. This is ridiculous. The french don't know what customer service means!!!

Leesa- Yes you are exactly right. I've talked to other people about their internet problems. The same!

Lindsay -Hi! How are you! Of course i remember but last year was easy compared to the crap they are putting us through this year!

Anonymous said...
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