Thursday, October 2, 2008

The economy is going to Sh**

Ok i'm really getting scared about the future of the economy. I have a $20,000+ debt from college loans with a rising interest rate and apparently jobs that seem somewhat interesting are stuck at 35k per year. Now I don't know where I'll be a year from now, even 9 months from now, (hopefully/maybe still in France because at least here the country will take care of your medical costs if you have a nervous breakdown!) but it's something that I need to start thinking about immediately. I'll have a steady salary with the assistantship for the next 9 months but I can put very little of it into savings. I just wish I had financial reassurance after the assistantship....

In other news...the Sarah Palin/Joe Biden debate is on tonight but I'll be sleeping since it will air at 2am France time. It's going to be painful to watch tomorrow morning...

Oh and Christophe and I are getting the apartment!! I'm so excited. I can't wait to put up pictures after we've moved in and decorated it! Yay!

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Milk Jam said...

saw your comment on Jennie's blog, just wanted to make sure you got my response.

@katie - you can, i did. just make sure you’ve got on your CV “bac +4″ because you DID 4 years of a BA in the US. It’s not lying, its describing what you did the most accurately.

Is a BA the equivalent of an M1? probably not, but Bac +4 worked for me :-)