Saturday, August 29, 2009

le stage est fini!

Yesterday I finished the week of teaching the stage. I think it went well overall. The kids seemed to get a little bored and restless the last 2 days. 25 hours of English in one week is a lot. I read the evaluations they made about the class. Generally they all said they were satisfied with the stage and that I was a good teacher. There was one girl that probably should have been placed in a higher group who said that she didn't really learn anything new which was too bad. But I had to try and please a whole range of levels. I'm glad that it's over though. However, you would think that I'd be paid at the end of next month for this job? Wrong. Apparently there is a university pay system that ends at the end of August and all of the paperwork goes through after that. So I won't be paid until the end of November!! Which really sucks because I really need the money now. However, I did my follow up interview yesterday at the other job and I think it's a green flag. He said that normally I'll be starting training next week but since it was a Friday evening, everyone had already left and he just needs to talk with his co-workers to confirm. He was American as well which helped a lot I think when doing the interview. I was much more comfortable and able to joke around a little with him.

So keep your fingers crossed for me everyone!


Jennie said...

25 hours in a week is a lot! Was this the extra English classes that Darcos started during vacations? Do you think it's worth it (i.e. are they going to pay you enough for all the hard work?)

Katie said...

Yea it was worth it! I'll be getting about 1000€ for it! This was an optional class for kids who wanted to get a head start in English before la rentrée.