Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This health care debate is officially getting insane. I'm getting afraid that the democrats are going to back down against the opposition. Their voices are being drowned out by lies and screaming. I just don't know what to do about this country. We can't even agree that health care needs to be reformed? I can't wait to get back to France where life is simple and people don't accuse their president of being a Nazi when he wants to introduce universal health care. Sigghh.

My last week in the states is going to be pretty hectic. This weekend I have my friend's wedding which I'm très excited about. Then on Sunday I'll be headed for Massachusetts with my mom and god-mother. It's going to be really sad leaving CT but I must get back to my life in France. I especially need to start working. It's going on two months now that I haven't worked. I'm getting pretty bored and pretty broke. Tomorrow I'll be applying for an international driver's license to be able to drive in France sans problème. I hope it'll go well.

Christophe and I will also be moving in a few months. We are waiting until he gets his placement for his job. We know that he's staying in the region (yay!) but we don't know where exactly. I'm so excited to move. That means that we don't have to deal with our shitty neighbors anymore and that we can finally get a pet! I'm leaning more towards a cat now. I still want a dog but it's so much work. We'll see I guess.


Andromeda said...

I've been watching the Daily Show online and the situation does seem ridiculous, though without one solid plan yet, of course people are going to freak out, they have no idea what's going on! But it's like they don't even want to listen, the yelling and stuff is just rude and ignorant. It seems so tied to America's association of "socialist" with "communist" and therefore with evil, sigh.

There are about eight thousand cats on my block, come take one of them!!

Jennie said...

OMG I hated that so much when I was home. I couldn't wait to get back to France where at least I have healthcare even though I'm not a citizen. I really don't understand the opposition to socialism - it's not perfect but at least it takes care of the people. I can't stand American politics and how ignorant Americans are. They will believe anything they hear. I couldn't watch TV or read the news or even talk to some of my conservative family members because it made me so incredibly angry.

Katie said...

Andromeda - Yes it's insane how people just DON'T want to listen. Even if they are concerned, they don't ask questions, they just criticize. They are in the process of creating a plan, there's not even one on the table so that's why I don't understand people.

Jennie- Yes that's exactly how I feel being home. I've been talking to my friends telling them that it's not a bad thing, but I don't need to convince them since they are for the reform anyway. I don't know what I would do if my family had a conservative view point. I'd go crazy..Yea I avoid the TV and radio, I just can't stand it. I can't wait to get back to France!