Saturday, July 18, 2009

le Tour de France passes through Besançon!

The day that I've been waiting for finally arrived today; the Tour de France came to Besançon! The whole event of watching the cyclists pass by took only a few minutes but it was still really cool. My parents recorded the tour today so that I'll get to see it when I come home in 10 days! Maybe I'll be able to see myself? Here are a few pictures that we took:

Tomorrow we are leaving to go camping in a village called Biganos which is right near the Atlantic and is not far from Bordeaux. I'm really hoping to have nice weather because this whole month has been very strange weather-wise. We're also going to bring the used bikes we just bought to bike around the area and to go to the beach. A day trip to Bordeaux will also be in order.

Then finally the day after we come back, I'll be leaving for the states! I'm soo excited to go home! It's been almost a year since I've seen my family and friends, and for certain friends, it's been a year and a half! I'm leaving plenty of room in my suitcase to bring back tons of American goodies to France. I probably won't have time to write an entry before I go back home so the next post will be sometime back in the states. A bientôt!


Andromeda said...

Wow!! That's so neat you got to see it! Have a good trip to Bordeaux and safe trip back to the states!

Katie said...

Thanks Andromeda!