Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a headache

Before going to babysit today, I stopped over at the prefecture to ask for the specific documents that I would be to obtain the Carte de séjour Vie Privée Familiale. The woman at the welcome desk made me nervous because she told me that she didn't know if I would be able to change the card status or not. But then I thought to myself, no it wouldn't be her who would know. She then sent me to ask her colleague at étrangers sans rendez vous. The woman there asked me immediately how long I've been living with my boyfriend. I told her since May 2008 and she said that if I had proof to back it up then there would be no problem in getting this new card. However when making the appointment, the woman at the desk gave me a little attitude when I asked if we could schedule the rendez vous the earliest possible date. She said well since your card expires July 30th we don't need to rush. I made sure not to mention that I was hoping to find a job for July cause I guess that looks bad. But now I'm nervous about my legally working status here that the language school might not hire me. I guess i'll find out tomorrow when I have my interview. There are a beautiful pair of sling back shoes that I'm considering buying for the interview and for the PACS date. It's been sooo long since I've bought a nice pair of shoes. But 100 € seems a little cher... Should I or shouldn't I?


au soleil levant said...

First of all, early congrats on PACS-ing tomorrow! Tis the season...

Also a good luck with getting job/working papers situation, but hey, at least you know you have working papers coming! Lucky.

As for the shoes, just wait a couple of weeks until the soldes start, you'll be able to find something nice for a lot cheaper.

Katie said...

Thanks au soleil levant! Yes you are definietly right about the shoes...I should just wait for the soldes. But I'm not sure they will be there in a few weeks...I'll wait anyway!