Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I've got an interview!!

After not hearing from either school for almost two weeks, I decided to take action into my own hands. Yesterday afternoon I wrote one of the schools an e-mail saying that I was still very interested in this job and that I wanted to know if they were still interested in my application. I got an almost immediate response back from them saying that they would like me to come in for an interview this week!! Now obviously, this doesn't mean that I'm hired but it's a good sign that they are at least considering me. I'm nervous that they might be hesitant in hiring me since I don't have the Carte de Sejour Vie Privée Familiale yet. I'm going to go to the prefecture this week and ask for the list of documents that I need to order to apply for it. I think they will give me a recipisee immediately if I am PACSed? right? I hope that it won't be a problem for them to hire me. I hope that by July I'll have the new carte de sejour. The Besançon prefecture seems to work fairly quickly. I'm a little nervous. But I'm excited either way!


Andromeda said...

I think you can start to work with the recipisse, but check when you go and ask for the list. Be careful since I know some prefectures try and say you need 3 years vie commune to get it, but I'm pretty sure (and really hope!) that it's still just one.

Katie said...

I'm pretty sure for Besançon that it's one year vie commune and we've got that. So normalement everything should go ok. I've just really nervous because I really need this job.