Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8 days left

As the assistantship comes to a close, I'm getting more and more excited about my trip back to the states but becoming increasingly worried about my job situation this fall. Even though I did have a sort of interview last week at the language school, there was a little problem with the actual interview itself. The man did not show up because he was in a car accident. So we changed the interview date to sometime next week. I was hoping they would need people for July since I'm free all that month, but apparently they are looking for people moreso for August. *Problem!* I will be home for the whole month of August. However, I'm considering changing the date on my plane ticket to come back to France earlier in order to work. Since it's really well paid and I really need the money, it would probably be the smartest idea. I hope it's not too late to change my mind since I already told the woman that I wouldn't change my ticket.

However, that's only work for this summer. For the fall I still have no clue. I would rather not do the vacataire position but if I have no choice...

In terms of my masters, I think I finally have clear path. I want to try to get into an interpretation school. There are a few really good schools in France that I will apply to next spring. I think it's a job that I could be capable of doing, plus it's reasonably well paid and I wouldn't have to teach! But yes there is a catch, you need to know a third language. This was exactly my problem last year. For those who read my blog last fall, I was enrolled in school here and struggling with spanish classes that were waaaay too advanced for my beginner level. So, this year, I'm going to give Spanish another try. There is a two week intensive debutant course in July at this same language school where I might be working. Then in the fall, there are night classes available at the advanced level. I've started to review my vocabulary and phrases but I still don't know how to conjugate most verbs.

My goal for next year, 2010...start a masters program!


au soleil levant said...

Good luck with the job thing!

Some ideas for learning Spanish: if you follow Monique, who's now California Dreaming but used to be From the American to the French Riviera, she's also trying to learn Spanish and has been using a bunch of podcasts, you might want to ask her about that. And what about putting up posters in your town next year for a language exchange? Half the time in Spanish, half in English. Or ask around if anyone knows lycée Spanish teachers who would be interested in doing language exchanges. Just a few ideas.

Katie said...

Yes I've been doing exactly the same method with the pod casts and its helping a lot. I will try to get in touch with her and ask which ones shes using. Last year I started to do a language exchange with someone but they ended up bailing on me and afterwards I stopped going to class. haha This time is different! Thanks for your suggestion!