Friday, April 3, 2009

Jobs Jobs Jobs!

In addition to freaking out about paying taxes in two countries, now I need to start applying to jobs for the fall. I've already sent out a few applications in the US; one in Washington D.C. and the other in New York City. Thanks to Christophe's editing skills, I'll soon be sending out my French cover letters and CVs to French employers. I'm going to apply for a few English lecturer jobs at some Universities around the Paris area. Also in Paris I'm applying for a few manager positions in some Anglophone companies. In case you haven't heard of this great site for English speakers in Paris, I'll put it up here: FUSAC.FR. I've been religiously looking at the employment section of this site to apply for most of the jobs that are posted. Unfortunately they all ask for working papers which I don't technically have (yet) but there might be a way around that.

In any case, I'm very stressed. Thankfully there is spring vacation coming up in two weeks! I love the French education system. :)

And it's the weekend! :)

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