Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Dream Voyage

As someone who has caught the travel bug years ago, I'm always searching travel sites for the best deals on vacation packages anywhere in the world. I have one destination in mind that I always hope to find a great deal for: Cairo, Egypt!
Since I have soo much vacation time and I'm technically not that far away, I could plan a trip to my dream destination. Only one problem: Not enough money!
Every "deal" that I've come across is at least 900€ which I guess is not too expensive but for my small monthly assistant salary of 780€, this trip would cost more than what I make in a whole month.
I've never been to Africa and I would love to go to another continent that is not Europe or North America. I want to see something completely different.
However, there is a risk in traveling to this country There have been several terrorist attacks and a kidnapping incident that took place last September. But there are soo many tourists that I think the likelihood of anything happening would be rather low.

So maybe eventually I will make it to my dream destination to see the Pyramids, the Nile, the ancient hieroglyphics, and the Sphinx; but for now, my travels within France are suiting me just fine.

I'm curious to know from those who read my blog, what is your dream destination?

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Andromeda said...

Have you looked at Budget Expiditions? I think they're another company now, but the actual tours are only like 300 dollars I think. Not bad!

I want to go to Scotland!!

A said...

Just found your blog - my dream destination, oddly, is Iran. Perhaps it's just the sort of "Forbidden" feeling that is given to it in the US - I always seem to want to go to places I'm not "supposed" to go, to see what they are really like.
But, also, I feel like it would be fascinating to see places like Persepolis and Shiraz... sadly, I doubt I'll ever get to go!

Katie said...

Thanks for the suggestion Andromeda! I'll look into that. I would like to go to Scotland as well!

A- I would also love to go to Iran but I have to admit I think that I would be too scared to actually go.

Thanks for your comments!

Lasha said...

See, the thing is, I don't just have one destination...I've lived in Korea and I want to live in Paris, London, and 3...not in that order...I love your blog...!

Heather said...

Hello from GA!
So, I read your blog and admire the life you live in France. I dream of living in France too, but I'm afraid it'll be many many years before that'll happen. My dream destination was Paris, but I crossed that one off the list last October. At Christmas time I went to London and Scotland and both were great. The next dream spot for me is Montenegro. It looks so lovely!!!! I've had the travel bug for 10 years now and hopefully by next Christmas I can say I've been on 6 out of the 7 continents. :)

Katie said...

Lasha- I would love to visit those places as well!

Heather- good luck with your future travels! It's never too late to move to France!