Monday, January 19, 2009

Bagels Really Do Exist!

Something amazing happened today. My boyfriend bought me bagels! I know, it's doesn't sound like any exceptional except that I've never ever seen bagels in France...ever! I was giddy like a little girl and so so happy! So for those of you who are having bagel withdrawl, go to your local LIDL and maybe you'll find what you're looking for!


Milk Jam said...

bagels at lidl are not always kept in stock, they're considered "special" products and come around every few months or so. you can sign up to their mailing list online and they send you newsletters with the product of the week.
we've found some amazing buys that way, a rice cooker for 15e, DIY tools, even knitting needles! when bagels come around i stock up and throw them in the freezer, they freeze great!

or you can buy them already frozen if you have a picard nearby, they're a little more expensive but always in stock :-)

add a little square of kiri and you'll think you're home! :-)

Katie said...

hey Milk Jam, thanks for the suggestion! I don't have a Picard near me though so I guess frozen bagels are out of the question.

I use Saint Moret as cream cheese! I haven't tried kiri yet.