Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday

After a few days of horrible high winds that has currently put parts of southern France and Spain without electricty or drinkable water, here in Besançon the sun has come out and the winds have calmed. To continue the tradition of my lazy Sundays which sometimes includes a trip to the pool, I'm typing a blog update and refusing the leave my apartment because I know that if I do I'll end up spending money in a bar. I have 7 € left until I get paid sometime this week. Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow morning and the money will be in my account. Ha! I'm dreaming because French banks aren't open on Mondays. So I'll probably expect my money on Tuesday.

I'm very excited for a regional event that will be taking place next weekend called La Percée du Vin Jaune! It's an annual celebration that takes place in a Juracian village (located in the department of the Jura in the Franche Comté) where you visit many wine cellars to taste the new batch of regional wine. It's one of the most touristic events of the year for the region. The New York Times even wrote an article on the event last year. Here's the link to read it:

NY Times Article

So if any of you fellow expats living near or are visiting the Franche Comté by chance next weekend (January 31 and February 1st) I highly urge you to go to this event.

Here's the official event website.

Bon Dégustation!

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aldybaldy said...

I've definintely been there before! Nothing but a couple of euros in your bank account before your next paycheque! It's great reading about your life as an assistant. It reminds me so much of my year as an assistant in Paris.

Cheers and good luck with the rest of your year! I'll be reading.