Sunday, February 7, 2010

La Percée: Part 2

We had a great time at la Percée yesterday! The only negative thing was that it was a little too cold to be drinking outside for 6 hours straight, but hey, that's the tradition. When you pay your entrance ticket, you receive a wine glass and 10 "dégustation" tickets. With these tickets you can try different types of wine including Macvin, "Arbois Savignon (delicious!), Vin Jaune, Crémant, and other types of regional wines. I wasn't too upset about not being able to finish my tickets because I remember the feeling the day after from last year. Christophe is experiencing it now. He's got a huge headache and he's still in bed. I'm not too upset that I volunteered to drive. I still got to taste a lot of wine but instead of going crazy, I drank slowly. Here's a few pictures to recount the day.

Inside one of the wine caves waiting to be served

Poligny: look at all those drunk people!

Delicious Escargots! mmm!

Santé! Cheers!


Monique said...

looked like fun :)

Katie said...

Yea it was a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello for the first time
I love living in France and on the whole I love the food, but there are some things that I just cannot get my poor little English head around - escargot's are one of you eat them??