Tuesday, February 9, 2010

InterNations: Community for Expats

I want to promote a new website called InterNations. This is a great website that connects expats from all of the world. You are able to meet other expats in your community, learn about local events and even ask question in your specific regional forum. I've just signed up for the Strasbourg community since I live fairly close and I'm hoping to meet other expats in the area. This site is designed much like Facebook and easy to navigate. I recommend it to anyone who would like to network and meet expats in their area!


Anonymous said...

i didn't find my city on there - not really a surprise. Ex-pats who don't live in a city with more than a million people miss out on meeting other people big time.

Katie said...

Yes Besançon is not on there either. I joined the Strasbough network. Join the city that's closest to you! You could even travel to that city and meet up with expats!