Wednesday, February 4, 2009

La Percée

Sunday was a great day that was spent outside tasting wine and getting frostbite on my toes. We attended the event by train and after, a navette bus was provided to get to the small village that was 15 km from the train station. About 50 "caves" wine cellars were opened to everyone to taste and buy wine. Upon entering, you were given a wine glass that you could wear around your neck with 10 wine tasting tickets placed inside.
Regional food stands were allowed in only so there were no kebabs to be found (thankfully). I ordered a Tarti' Mont d'or for my lunch which is a regional dish that consists of potatoes, ham, and mont d'or cheese. Very yummy.

40 wine tickets spent, and 2 bottles of empty wine bottles later, we were ready to go home. It was a great event and I hope to attend next year.

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