Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday in Freiburg and Colmar!

Hi everyone! Yesterday Christophe and I spent the day at two Christmas Markets. The first in Freiburg, Germany and the second in Colmar! Since we are so close to the German border we decided to take a trip to Freiburg since I've never been there. The Christmas Market wasn't exceptionnal but I thought the city was beautiful so I took as many pictures as possible. It was fun being in Germany for a few hours. The streets of Freiburg all have this strange canal-ish system on the edge of the roads. It's really cool looking.

Since we finished the Freiburg Christmas market early, we decided to go to Colmar which was only a half hour away. Much more impressive! The decorations were beautiful and it was twice as big! Here are my pictures.


Anonymous said...

Very good! Very splendid! Support!

Anonymous said...

since you were so close in Colmar, head a little further north to Strasbourg. There is a great website The lights in the city centre are fantastic, go to the Quatre D'or, just off the cathederal.


Leesa said...

Hey Katie!!

It's beautiful!! I was in Strasbourg last month with friend who was visiting... It was a charming city... My hubby and I are going back there at the end of Dec. for the marche' de noel!!! Can't wait!!!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi just came over from Leesa's blog. Thought I was going a bit crazy, knew I had read about Colmar earlier today..and I had .. must be a popular place!

Katie said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! I didn't get to see Strasbourg's Christmas market but I visited the city a few years ago and it's really pretty.