Monday, August 30, 2010

The adventure begins

I decided that the week I returned back to the US would be dedicated primarily to spending time with my family and friends since it had in fact been about 8 months since I've seen everyone. After a nice weekend with some college friends for one of their birthdays, I decided that I should start working on some more serious things. I've already been skimming the classified ads and craigslist for job opportunities the past few days, especially in the DC area because...well I'm not sure why but there just seems something right about it. For those of you still in France, the media isn't lying. THERE ARE NO JOBS in the US. Well there are but, it's not the kind of jobs that young people with an expensive college degrees are looking to do. For example, working at starbucks or being a data entry clerk for $8 an hour. But hey, these are the times we live in and we have to make do with, right?
So I'm taking the bull by the horns and making the jobs come to me. I've placed an ad in the local newspaper to give French lessons (let's hope at least one person calls!) and I've made an appointment at a local staffing agency. They've gotta have something for me! I'm not becoming too impatient yet, obviously because it's only been about 10 days since I stepped off the plane on US soil, but because of the job I had this past year in France, it seems like I've been doing a whole lot of nothing for a long time. I hope this will be a fresh start for me and that moving back in with Mommy and Daddy wasn't a huge mistake even though I didn't really have a choice.
I'll check back when I have exciting news to report. That might be a while from now.


au soleil levant said...

Good luck with the job search!

PS - word verification is nutsago!

Monique said...

Good luck!! I'm encountering a lot of the same problems here in Arizona :(

I've interviewed with like seven different places, and am always one of the finalists and not THE finalist.

I sincerely hope you have better luck than moi!! (This was not meant to be such a downer, I promise.)

P.S. did the pup come back with you to the U.S.?!?!?! :)

Katie said...

Yea finding A job doesn't seem to be difficult but finding the job that I want is the hard part.

@ Monique - No, the dog didn't come back with me. :( :(
I'm very torn up about that. How's your doggy doing?