Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter blues...

This past week has been an interesting transition from life without puppy to life with puppy and it's very different. I'm not longer able to sleep in past 7am and life revolves around the dog. He's growing so fast too! He'll be fully grown before I know it.
Work is pretty slow lately, I haven't got many hours so it's good because I get to spend more time with the puppy but bad for my wallet. I hope that February will be better. I'm ready for spring to come. I'm already so sick of the winter weather. I'm not being very productive outside of work. Comme d'hab. I was hoping to start a regular exercise routine. I'm going to start going back to salsa classes on Wednesday and hopefully go to the pool on the weekends. And besides that, the only other project is to train the dog to make sure that he's well behaved when he'll be an adult. I'm trying to be strict with him as much as possible. He's a really good dog and he's starting to listen to me when I tell him 'no' and I've taught him 'assis' or 'sit'. I want to teach him both french and english commands. I'll probably starting enrolling him in obedience classes since I have no experience with training dogs. That'll be my project for the winter. I want to start reading more too. I just want to keep busy this winter so that I won't get depressed like every year.

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Robert said...

I always get the blues during winter.Exercise REALLY helps.